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Get Through Your Day Without Worrying About Achy Feet

Foot Treatments

Treat Your for Foot Pain

Dr. Steven D. Meinhold will take your focus off your foot pain and put it back on your important daily activities. Foot pain can prevent you from doing the things you love. Don't let pain control your life. Call 402-315-333 today!
Care For Your Feet
Foot products

Healthy, Happy Feet

Whether you need orthotic shoe inserts, treatment for ingrown toenails, or surgery to correct a bunion, Dr. Steven D. Meinhold can help. We treat a wide variety of foot conditions and we accept most insurance plans. 
Diabetic Shoes and Foot Products
Foot Treatment

Custom Arch Supports

Dr. Stephen D. Meinhold specializes in taking care of your feet. If over-the-counter shoe inserts aren't helping you, we can custom-fit inserts or arch supports that contour to your unique foot! Call 402-315-3338 to learn more.
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